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New Client Services

Site Ranking Report

Knowing where you stand against the competition helps you find your own weak spots. Finding them means eradicating them… On the spot! Have  quick look at the calendar below and choose a time, then schedule an appointment with us.

Plug-In Advice

Because not all plug-ins work the same way, you may not have the right one for the task you need done. Simply set up a time or a time and place to chat. We advise on which ones are the best for your situation.

Keyword Placement Advice

When you’ve got a website that isn’t performing as it should, keywords might be the culprit. Are they in the right places? Have you used a variety of them or is your entire focus on one word? When you believe that keywords are the problem, this type of appointment is for you. We get you going in the right direction.

Initial Consultation

Have an idea? Website ideas take shape long before the actual website design. Consulting with someone who knows how to get your idea onto your new website, is your best first step. Create an appointment with us to get your concept moving toward your online goals.

Website Assessment Report

We take a look at what whats working and what isn’t. Your web presence depends entirely on how it’s laid out and ease of a web surfers use. So, when you need a general overview, schedule this appointment type.

Existing Client Services

Website Planning

Perfect for discussing uploaded files to be used for strategizing new websites still under construction. Simply choose a time that works for you.

Adwords and Adsense by Google

Both of these work together to get targeted traffic to your website. Using the best of these for advertising to your chosen audience makes the most of advertising dollars.

FaceBook Advertising Campaign

Advertising on FaceBook effectively brings in more customers. Want some FaceBook traffic to your site? We get everything set up and working for you.

Biography Interview

Create an appointment for a biography interview if we are writing one for you. Think about what you want your bio to say and how you want it presented. To make the most of your time, take a few notes if possible, then set up a time to chat.

Product and Content Interview

Work closely with us to create the best possible product write ups and SEO appropriate content. We like to keep in touch to make sure we are on the right track. Information should go both ways, so we call you for direction as well. Did you think of something to be added? Please let us know!