We design, build, maintain and host your website so you don’t have to! With us working in the background on all your internet requirements, you can focus on what you do best…

Working in your business and growing your business!

No internet related hassles. No figuring out computer coding or placing, well, anything!

With us in your corner, having a website just got a whole lot easier.

All our packages include personalized service. Building a personal relationship with us means that we learn more about you and your business. While learning about you and your business, we are tailoring your website to showcase all your attributes.

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Your website needs to be found!

By Search Engines and…

Prospective and established clientele.

It is of utmost importance to have your website built by an SEO specialist. An SEO specialist knows how to properly use keywords, links and tag lines as well as other technical stuff.

All this combined, gets your site indexed by Google, Yahoo, Bing and all the other search engines out there. Getting noticed by the search engines is merely the first step to getting in front of your prospective clients.

Coming out on top in local searches is just as important, if not more so if you want your neighborhood to know you’re there.

Specialists customize your keyword selection to you, your business and the clientele you want to attract.

Images and video need special attention. They don’t get indexed in the same way. Image optimization is another tool to be tuned to your business by an SEO specialist.

Bringing all these factors together gets your website much higher in the search results page.


coachingTo be coached or not to be coached… It is entirely up to you!

Coaching or explanations along the way increases your understanding of the entire process. Either way, you are in good hands. You decide how involved you want to be.

Whether you want to be fully involved, totally hands off or somewhere in between can depend on your technical comfort level, just let us know.

Not only do we completely customize your website to you, we also adjust the level of coaching or explanation required to you.

Getting lost in the technical stuff is no fun.

We can either point you in the right direction if you want to do it yourself or take it from there to complete your website and get it online.

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Web-DevelopmentNo matter where you are in building your internet presence, we can take it from there.

We can assist you in drawing out your ideas and getting them into your website. A personalized website that highlights all the benefits of working with you or purchasing from your online store brings client satisfaction, knowing that they are in good hands. At Integrity Web Services, we understand how important creating an effective web strategy is. Steps are taken to increase your awareness of these tactics by providing coaching/explanations at each level.

Your ideas can be organized and then optimized with SEO rich keywords. Afterwards it can be injected to the right pages on your website.

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