5 Reasons why Your Website Needs to be Mobile Optimized

  1. Everyone’s on mobile.

We are no longer living ina world where smartphone users can be considered the exceptions.

We are not even living in a world where excessive smartphone users can be considered exceptions.

Today, 1.2 billion people are accessing the web from mobile devices. An incredible 80% of all internet users use a smartphone. In other words, if they’re online, they are most likely on their phones.

  1. Over half of all web traffic is mobile, are you?

I have yet to meet a website owner who wasn’t interested in increasing traffic.

As of May 2014, mobile media consumption was 21% higher than that of desktop, accounting for a 51% of ALL digital media consumption – And that was 4 years ago!

Now 80% of all web traffic is via mobile. If you are interested in attracting any traffic, you need to be thinking mobile.

  1. Mobile users behave differently.

While it’s theoretically the same people behind both mobile and desktop traffic, these people tend to behave differently across devices.

Despite limited bandwidth, mobile users tend to consume a disproportionately high amount of visual media, with a major focus on short video and images. Social media sites like Vine and Instagram achieved massive success from offering solely video and images respectively.

  1. Mobile users buy more.

Across devices, mobile users actually spend more than their desktop counterparts.

Smartphone users account for the lowest dollar amount per transaction. These users are conditioned to make small, frequent purchases. If you are attempting to sell something below $10, mobile users are an ideal audience for your offer.

  1. Mobile users switch screens.

According to surveys, 90% of people switch between devices to accomplish a goal.

This means that even if desktop is handling the bulk of your conversions, users WILL engage with your site via mobile at some point in the sales process. Often, users will browse on their phones while bored, looking for things that interest them, and then move to a desktop to complete the purchase once they’ve found something that catches their eye.

Integrity Web Services - Responsive-Mobile-Web-sites

If your site can’t handle every type of screen, you are missing out on sales.

Optimize Your Mobile Platform

Are you a moving target? In this case you Need to be… To be the bulls-Eye!

Catch and keep their attention…

Have you noticed that you aren’t getting as much traffic to your site recently? Or do you not have a mobile site at all and want to access all the traffic you know you’re missing out on?

More and more of your customers are becoming a moving target. In order to interact with them, you need to be mobile as well. Over 72% of business executives use their phones to research services and other business products. And 50% of all searches are now mobile with even more on the way…

Google has recognized this and on April 22, introduced Mobilegeddon. It doesn’t affect desk-top search but the effect for mobile users is profound.

Mobile optimized sites and pages are the very first to show up with all others falling to the bottom. However, if GoogleBot-Mobile crawls your site, providing you have both mobile and desk-top service, you get indexed twice giving you a friendly boost in ranking.

We can help by:

  • Setting up the entire mobile site if required
  • Increasing load speed by using smaller, simpler pictures and graphics
  • Decrease back clicks
  • Create a unified tone across all platforms
  • Tweak as required to fit your customer requirements
  • Boost rankings on Google
  • Make your web-site responsive so it will fit on any screen